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Securing Information Beyond
Your Perimeter

Find Out How Information Rights Management Enables Secure File-Sharing, BYOD, Cloud and Use of Mobile Devices

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In the world of blurring organizational boundaries and dependence on business providers to process business information, it is imperative for an organisation to ensure that their customer data is safe. Addressing this issue, Seclore FileSecure provided a comprehensive solution to all the information security needs. The software is engineered in a way that it focuses on the ’solution’ to deliver business value and not only the “technology”.Mr Sharad Sadadekar

We are dependent on different business providers to process our customer information,” says Vishal Salvi, head of information security function at HDFC Bank, which uses Seclore’s services. “We still want to control how that information is used and processed by service providers.”Vishal Salvi
Head of information security function at HDFC Bank

The expiry date feature is very exciting, especially when I share documents with outsiders such as vendors. The documents automatically lock themselves after a certain date.P.V. Shrungarkar
Head of IT at L&T’s electrical and electronics division

Among all the evaluated solutions, Seclore FileSecure provided us with maximum flexibility and integration capabilities.Maulik Desai
Senior manager at Asian Paints

AFCONS Gnosis is like a sanctum within the organisation and whatever gets into the Knowledge Management portal is considered confidential. People have spent years to build this technology footprint and it is somewhat unique to our organisation. To protect this intellectual property, we needed a tool that would facilitate us in giving rights to specific users – something that will allow them to view the documents and not alter, download or kill them. Seclore became useful because once we encrypted the document, it could be decrypted only by an authorised user. And this functionality was extremely useful for us.Sandeep Desai
Executive Vice President (Information & Process Management Group)