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Predictions 2017

Top 6 Data Security Predictions for 2017

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU

Leveraging Persistent Data-Centric Security to Achieve Compliance Objectives

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Automating EDRM

How to Rapidly Close the Security Gaps in External Collaboration

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Five Predictions for Enterprise Digital Rights Management in 2016

Data-centric security, also known as Enterprise Digital Rights Management, saw significant increases in adoption in 2015. Find out predictions for EDRM in 2016.

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Seclore – ISMG Podcast Transcript

The Shift to File-Centric Security – Seclore’s Kniffin on How Next-Generation Enterprise Digital Rights Management Changes How Banks Protect Files

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RFP Guide for Enterprise Digital Rights Management Solutions

A comprehensive checklist to help organizations in their selection of an EDRM solution

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Transforming Enterprise Digital Rights Management

EDRM has gone through a massive transformation. Here you gain insights on the four innovations that are making EDRM the ideal technology for enabling secure external collaboration, BYOD and file sharing.

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Connecting EDRM to Your Existing Systems

Seclore has been designed specifically to be easily integrated with existing ECM, DLP, EFSS, ERP and other Enterprise Applications. Find out how to make EDRM a seamless part of your infrastructure.

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Seclore and CTP Export Compliance Controls WP

New regulations in the area of Export Controls require organizations to secure their technical drawings, specifications and related documents. Gain insights on best practices for complying with these new standards.

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Introduction to Information Rights Management (IRM)

Find out what Information Rights Management is all about and how it can help your organization.

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CXO Briefing – How Information-Centric Security is Transforming IT Strategies

Discover how a shift to Information-Centric Security will enable your organization to adopt external collaboration, BYOD, the cloud and file sharing tools with confidence.

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Complying with ITAR and EAR

Find out how Enterprise Digital Rights Management is helping manufacturing organizations comply with aspects of the Export Administration Regulation.

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Complying with the National Information Assurance Policy (NIAP) of Qatar

How Information Rights Management helps agencies in Qatar comply with the NIAP

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Four Must-Have Enterprise Digital Rights Management Capabilities

If you are looking at investing in an EDRM solution, this white paper will give you insights on the four key capabilities found in the latest generation of EDRM solutions.

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Compliance with RBI Guidelines

The Two Towers – Indian banks these days are stepping up war efforts to cope with the twin challenges of outsourcing and compliance.

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