About Seclore

Enabling Effortless, Secure Collaboration with
Enterprise Digital Rights Management

For enterprises around the world, balancing security and efficiency is a critical imperative—to sustain solid data integrity in and outside the organization without compromising the resources and processes that make the business work. As a result, more companies are seeking solutions that ensure data and files are protected regardless of their format, who creates and uses them, or where or how they’re sent.

They seek solutions that integrate seamlessly while leveraging established policies to enable secure collaboration with minimal intervention from users. But most of all, enterprises want to naturally augment their existing systems (DLP, EFSS, ERP, ECM) with persistent data-centric security, to protect information wherever it travels. This is why more enterprises are choosing Seclore.

Seclore is the most advanced, secure, and automated Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) solution available. Leveraging pre-built connectors and Policy Federation, we can automatically protect more files faster than anyone.

Our focus on security ensures that any type of document will remain protected. Partnering closely with customers, we combine deep industry expertise and uniquely open and scalable persistent data-centric technology to seamlessly extend their security infrastructure beyond the organization. The result is effortless, secure collaboration, in and outside the company, through advanced persistent data-centric protection architected to rapidly close remaining security gaps. This is why we’re the most integrated and adopted EDRM solution in the world.

Every day, over 5 million users across 600 companies in 29 countries “Seclore” their documents. They’ve come to rely on Seclore’s advanced, secure, and automated EDRM to accelerate the adoption of data-centric security and close their collaboration security gaps.