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SOLIDWORKS enables organizations to create robust technical 2-D and 3-D drawings. These drawings which contain highly sensitive intellectual property are often shared with third parties such as sub-contractors, suppliers and customers. While this information needs to be shared to support necessary collaboration and review, once the IP leaves the organization’s network, it can be easily exploited.

What is really required to make collaboration more secure? The answer is simple: Persistent control over the ‘usage’ of a SOLIDWORKS’ file as it is shared with external participants. That’s where Seclore Information Rights Management (IRM) comes in. By adding Seclore to SOLIDWORKS, organizations can persistently control the usage of intellectual property (parts and assemblies) while these files are shared internally across business units as well as externally with third party entities.

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Key Features


Persistent, granular usage controls are provided with the SOLIDWORKS Secure Pack-and-Go module, making it easy to ensure that sensitive IP (assemblies and parts) remain secure wherever it travels and is stored.


Authorized recipients can collaborate on the file within the native SOLIDWORKS application, while still being governed by the strict IRM usage policies (e.g. view, edit, copy, screen share, print).


Policy changes can be made remotely by the file owner in real-time, which can include the complete revocation of usage rights.


Regulatory compliance is simplified with end-to-end file-usage auditing – even for information residing outside the enterprise perimeter.

The Value of Connectors

By connecting rights management directly with existing systems (DLP, ECM, ERP, EFSS and CASB), you will dramatically accelerate the on-going protection of sensitive information and rapidly close your security gaps. Imagine turning on your IRM system and on day one, protecting hundreds of documents without employee intervention. That is the power of seamless connectivity.

3-Minute Intro To Rights Management

See how data-centric security is enabling organizations to extend the security of their existing ECM, DLP, File Sharing and ERP systems to wherever information travels.


Why Automation is Key to Adoption.

Why Connectivity Matters When it Comes to Rights Management

Connecting Rights Management to existing systems (DLP, EFSS, ECM, ERP) enables organizations to automatically protect files as they are downloaded, discovered, and shared. See why connectivity is a game changer in the video.

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