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Designed With Partners’ Success in Mind.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“The risk of data leakage is a widespread problem and a top concern in the enterprise. After evaluating numerous IRM solutions to integrate with our EFSS offering, we selected Seclore due to its advanced technology, robust file and device support, and ease of connectivity.”

— Jay Tomlin, Director, Product Management, Citrix

“Incorporating Seclore’s rights management protection functionality means our customers can automatically apply, control, and audit policies that dictate who can access a document and what they can do with it, no matter where the document travels.”

— Vijay Takanti, Vice President of Security and Collaboration Solutions, Exostar

“We are looking forward to continuing our close partnership with Seclore, and bringing even more data-centric security capabilities to our users.”

— Kurt Lundstedt, Manager, Product Portfolio Management, Dassault Systèmes

Why Partner with Seclore?

Most adopted solution: 6000 customers, 29 countries, 2 billion files protected

Highest ratio of partner services-to-license revenue, ≥ 3:1, on both SaaS and on-prem

Easy to integrate, implement, and customize

Dedicated channel sales teams

24x7x365 worldwide support

Are Your Customers Focused on the Right Security Solutions?

Most organizations are focused on building protection around their enterprise networks, devices and applications. But what if an employee downloads sensitive product roadmap details, or customer data, before resigning from the company? Organizations’ most critical asset – the data itself – is still vulnerable.

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Seclore a Offers Unique, Data-Centric Security

Seclore’s data-centric security solution helps your customers address the growing risks of data breaches and leaks, by protecting the data itself. No matter where or how information travels or is stored, it remains protected. And Seclore also solves key regulatory compliance issues many customers are facing with GDPR, PCI-DSS, and NIST.


Ready to Partner? We Have a Program For You.


SIs and Consultants

With pre-configured, easy-to-implement solutions for critical data security challenges across vertical markets, Seclore provides system integrators (SIs) and consultants with profitable, new revenue streams.


Technology Partners

Seclore’s multi-platform APIs, pre-built connectors with major enterprise systems and applications, and dedicated integration support teams make it easy for technology partners to incorporate the leading data-centric security offering as part of their enterprise portfolio.



Resellers can take advantage of Seclore’s enablement, go-to-market, and sales support, to grow their businesses by selling, delivering and servicing the most advanced, most secure and most connected data-centric security solution.



Seclore offers OEMs and others interested in adding data-centric security to their best-of-breed solutions a choice of rich, use-case-based SDKs, specialized resources, and individualized training, so developers can easily create custom integrations and new applications.

Get started today, helping your customers persistently protect and audit their information, wherever it travels or is stored.

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