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The Time for Data-Centric
Security is Now


Your information is all over the place. The growing use of file sharing, outsourcing, and personal devices is making it even more difficult to control and secure your data. Not to mention new data-centric security compliance challenges such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

Ready to secure sensitive data wherever it travels? Check out Seclore Rights Management, the most advanced, secure and automated data-centric security solution on the market.

Introducing Seclore Enterprise Digital Rights Management

Granular Data-Centric Usage Controls

Easily classify and ‘attach’ persistent, multi-dimensional usage policies to your files.

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Flexible Protection Methods

We’ve made the act of securing and sharing files seamless with a range of automated and one-click manual protection methods.

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Accessing & Using Protected Files

Protected files can be easily utilized on a wide range of devices via a browser or light-weight agent.

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Data-Centric Usage Tracking & Audits

Real-time visibility of file usage promotes proactive intervention and simplified audit & compliance reporting.

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The Big Release

Seclore establishes a new standard in ease-of-use with the launch of a complete agent-less Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) solution. The new release gives enterprises the ability to leverage the full power of data-centric security without requiring downloads or agent installs.



MCAG, a provider of class-action settlement services and healthcare financial audits, realized they needed to better protect the sensitive files they exchange with their clients. Find out how Seclore’s data-centric security is enabling them to collaborate securely and protect their corporate value.


Hear How MCAG is Protecting Their Corporate Reputation with Seclore

Product Tour

3-Minute Demo of Seclore Rights Management

See how Seclore is enabling organizations to persistently protect and audit their data and files wherever they travel.