Automate File Protection with Connectivity to Existing Systems

Seclore’s rich library of pre-built connectors for DLP, EFSS, ECM and ERP, combined with an innovative policy federation capability, enable you to automatically ‘attach’ usage controls to your files as they are downloaded, discovered and shared. Find out how you can automate Enterprise Rights Management and dramatically increase the number of files you protect.

Extend the Security of your ECM with Enterprise Rights Management

Automatically protect files as they are downloaded from your ECM system to ensure secure collaboration


DLP + ERM: One + One = Three

Automatically wrap files discovered by your DLP system with persistent usage policies so that they can be safely shared and monitored


Protect Data Downloaded from SAP ERP

Automatically add persistent usage controls to data extracted from SAP ERP


Add Granular Usage Controls to Enterprise File Synch and Share (EFSS)

Automatically add granular control over the ‘usage’ of a file to protect information wherever it travels or is stored


Integrates Seamlessly With
Your Existing IDM Infrastructure

Seclore Makes it Easy to Authenticate Internal and External Collaborators


Robust APIs and
Developer SDK

Make Rights Management a Seamless Part of Your IT Infrastructure. Protect Files Detected by DLP and Downloaded From ECM, ERP and Other Transactional Systems.