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Extending the Security of Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile make it easy to share information and engage in external collaboration with third parties such as vendors, sub-contractors, advisors, prospects, and suppliers. However, the ability to readily share information, often sensitive information, also further opens the door to security breaches.

And while Citrix ShareFile enables you to control who can access and view files from a folder, this ‘access’ control is only applicable while the files are within the EFSS environment.

What’s really required to fully ensure secure collaboration? Persistent control over the ‘usage’ of a file that stays with the file as it is downloaded and is shared. That’s where Seclore IRM comes in. By adding Seclore to Citrix ShareFile, organizations can extend their secure of information to wherever and however the files are shared.


Datasheet: Citrix ShareFile Information Rights Management

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How Citrix ShareFile Information Rights Management Works

Here is how the Citrix ShareFile Information Rights Management works:

  • Encryption is automatically applied as files exit the secured confines of Citrix ShareFile, ensuring only authenticated users can utilize the file and under what conditions.
  • When a recipient receives a protected file, their ‘rights’ to view/use the file are governed by the IRM policies in real-time.
  • Authorized recipients have the option to view the file from their browser or the native application.
  • Policy changes made within Citrix ShareFile will federate to the previously downloaded and distributed files in real-time, which can include the complete revocation of rights.

Persistently Protect Files Shared via Citrix ShareFile

Combining IRM with Citrix ShareFile will keep your files under your control. In fact, the IRM permissions seamlessly take over when the file is downloaded. These granular usage controls stay with the file wherever it travels or is re-shared.

Flexible and Easy Access to Protected Files

A recipient can access a protected file via a browser or a light weight agent, making it easy to quickly engage in the collaboration process. As well, Citrix ShareFile IRM’s robust identity federation makes it easy for the recipient to authenticate themselves leveraging their ShareFile Credentials.

Audit Trails

Citrix ShareFile IRM provides complete visibility over document usage at all times. All activities performed on protected files – whether inside or outside the enterprise network – are centrally logged. Forensic details such as date and time, machine name, IP address, and file path are also available.

Dynamic and Automatic Policy Management

A change in Citrx ShareFile’s file permissions would automatically apply – in real-time – on all downloaded files.

Policy Federation

RM permissions on a file are fetched in real-time from
Citrix ShareFile each time it is opened. The synchronization of policies ensures a streamlined and dynamic extension of file usage permissions.

Easy User On-boarding and Off-boarding

New users are seamlessly brought into the fold through an automated viewer download or by simply leveraging any browser. Conversely, when a user’s access to Citrix ShareFile is revoked, their access to all files – even the ones previously downloaded from that folder – is revoked as well. Thus, equivalent changes do not need to be separately made in the IRM Policy Server portal.

Expand Persistent Security Across the Enterprise

You can also add persistent file-centric security to other systems such as IBM ECM, MS- Sharepoint, SAP ERP and DLP systems. Pre-built connectors for a variety of your existing systems enable you to automatically add persistent, granular usage controls to secure files as they are shared, downloaded, or discovered.