Extending the Value of IBM ECM with Rights Management

IBM ECM allows document owners to enforce access controls on their documents – but only as long as they are within IBM ECM. Once the documents are downloaded, the owner cannot control who can access the file and what they can do with it. Moreover, such documents are often sent to third parties such as vendors and partners and also accessed on mobile devices, further increasing the risk of leakage and misuse.

Seclore Rights Management for IBM ECM

Seclore Rights Management for IBM ECM automatically protects documents as they are downloaded. This ensures that your documents stay protected not just inside IBM ECM, but wherever they go – to any location, network, or device. Persistent, file-centric protection allows document owners to control and track their documents even after they have been downloaded and circulated.

Seclore Rights Management is specifically designed to minimize IT overhead and maximize adoption with automated application of usage policies to files, unified policy management, streamlined user on-boarding, easy authentication for external recipients, and browser-based access to protected documents.


Key Features and Benefits of the Combined Solutions

  • Documents get automatically protected with persistent, granular controls as they are downloaded.
  • Policy Federation ensures that permissions inside IBM ECM are extended to downloaded documents.
  • File-level permissions on a downloaded document will be inherited directly from the actual IBM ECM permissions defined for that document class.
  • Any change in the IBM ECM permissions is applied in real time to all downloaded documents – wherever they are. When a user’s access to a document is revoked in IBM ECM, all previously downloaded copies become automatically inaccessible.
  • Granular, file-centric usage control enables extension of the IBM ECM system to vendors and partners – without worrying about file security and user management overheads.
  • Regulatory compliance is simplified with end-to-end document-usage auditing – even for information residing outside the enterprise perimeter.

Seclore Rights Management for IBM ECM allows you to maximize your ROI from IBM ECM and enhance it to include persistent document-centric security. By adding Enterprise Rights Management to your content repository, you will extend your security perimeter to wherever your information travels.