Extending the Value of Microsoft SharePoint with Seclore Rights Management

Microsoft SharePoint is a great collaboration tool. Among other things, it helps to store and manage documents centrally and control access to them. And yet, these controls are effective only up to a point. Once documents are downloaded however, the controls are rendered ineffective. Confidential documents are routinely downloaded from SharePoint and shared internally and externally with customers, prospects, vendors or partners. These documents are accessed on mobile devices and personal laptops. In all these cases, once the information has left the content repository, it is extremely vulnerable to leakage and misuse.


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Microsoft SharePoint

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Seclore Rights Management for SharePoint

Seclore Rights Management for SharePoint automatically takes over where SharePoint protection ends – and secures the document wherever it goes. As documents are downloaded from Sharepoint, persistent usage controls (rights) are automatically added to the file. By adding Seclore Rights Management solution to SharePoint, documents sent outside the organization to vendors, partners, and contractors are completely safe from leakage and misuse. This file-centric security persists throughout the lifecycle of the document – in all locations, on all devices, and on all platforms.

Seclore Rights Management is specifically designed to minimize IT overhead and maximize adoption with automated application of usage policies to files, unified policy management, streamlined user on-boarding, easy authentication for external recipients, and browser-based access to protected documents.


Key Features and Benefits of the Combined Solutions

  • Documents get automatically protected with persistent, granular controls as they are downloaded.
  • Policy Federation ensures that permissions inside SharePoint are extended to downloaded documents. Permissions on a downloaded document will be directly inherited from its SharePoint permissions – whether defined at the library, folder or document level.
  • Any change in SharePoint permissions are applied in real time to all downloaded documents – wherever they are. When a user’s access to a document is revoked in Microsoft SharePoint, all previously downloaded copies become automatically inaccessible.
  • Granular, file-centric usage control enables extension of the SharePoint system to vendors and partners – without worrying about file security and user management overheads.
  • Regulatory compliance is simplified with end-to-end document-usage auditing – even for information residing outside the enterprise perimeter.

Seclore Rights Management for SharePoint enables to you to maximize your ROI from your SharePoint investment. By adding Enterprise Digital Rights Management to your content repository, you will extend your security perimeter to wherever your information travels.