SAP ERP + Seclore EDRM

Rights Management – Right at the Source

You’ve deployed the strictest security and hardening measures to secure your SAP application data. But what about the security of the same data when it comes out of the ERP application? And then is accessed without any security controls by anyone who manages to get hold of your files? In most cases, files downloaded from your SAP ERP system are available without any controls and can be freely shared with anyone.

Protect Files Downloaded from SAP ERP

Seclore’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management solution solves the problem by protecting the data as soon as it is downloaded. This means that your confidential files and reports from your SAP ERP, and other transaction processing applications remain secure and monitored wherever they go. Now you can confidently and safely share files with third parties and across business units.


Dynamically Update Access Policies

Make any file usage permission changes– from revoking user access to updating rights – reflect instantly and automatically, even on previously downloaded files.

Audit Access and Usage – Everywhere Your SAP Files Travel

Continue auditing your files even after they leave the application. Even after the SAP reports and files go outside your corporate network, are stored on the cloud, or are accessed on mobile devices.

Simplify Integration with the SAP Pre-Built Connector

Secure your application with the ready-to-use SAP Connector – and ensure every document goes out protected.

You can also integrate Seclore with other systems (DLP, EFSS, ECM) using other pre-built connectors. Or you can use our robust APIs to build the custom connectors of your choice. For any application. For any platform. And for any use case.

Automated Policy Federation; Leverage the Rights You Have in Place

Seclore can leverage the access policies you already have defined for SAP ERP and map them to robust usage policies. Any time you change a policy in SAP, it will automatically be reflected in Seclore. The ability to federate policies will reduce administration efforts and makes it easy to add persistent, file-level security to your SAP system.

Save Time and Effort by Automating and Extending SAP ERP Data Security

Make file protection completely transparent to your users by adding Seclore Enterprise Digital Rights Management to your SAP ERP Application. Increase security – and decrease IT overhead – by working persistent, file-level security seamlessly into your business workflow.