Largest Breadth of Support for File Formats and Applications

Seclore empowers you to secure any type of file. Over 60 of the most popular file formats can be protected with all four levels of rights: Who can do, What with the file, Where (from which device/IP address) and When (for how long). Recipients of ‘seclored’ information are able to utilize native file formats and applications while you remain in control of file usage policies.

For any file format you need to protect, Seclore enables you to control three levels of rights: Who can access the file, Where (from which device/IP address) and When (for how long). No matter what type of file you need to protect, Seclore has you covered!


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Microsoft Office

  • Support for all major Office formats, including macro and binary files
  • All protected files open in native Office applications
  • Support for latest Office versions, including 2013

Adobe Reader and PDF files

  • Support for Adobe Reader 8, 9, X and XI for PDF files
  • Replacement option for Adobe LiveCycle ES


  • Support for ODT, ODS, ODP, ODF, ODG files
  • Support for latest OpenOffice versions, including 4.x
  • Protected Microsoft Office files can be opened in OpenOffice applications

Image Files

  • Support for all common image formats: BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF


  • Support for DWG, DXF, DWF and AutoCAD Revit files
  • Support for numerous AutoCAD applications ranging from AutoCAD Standard to AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite

And Many More…

With Seclore’s exceptional support and coverage, you are empowered to apply award-winning rights management technology to the file of your choice. And the more files types you can protect, the lesser your security risks.