The World is Not Black and White. Why is Your Security?

Gone are the simpler times when basic ON/OFF security was enough. The days when technologies such as file encryption satisfied most use cases.

Things are rarely that simple in today’s business environment. Enterprises often share confidential data with an ‘Extended Enterprise’ of vendors and partners. Giving them NO access would cripple your business, while giving them ALL access would leave your files insecure. How do you ensure that third parties can use your files, but not misuse them?

Seclore FileSecure Information Rights Management ‘wraps’ your files with fine-tuned access permissions that stay with the files wherever they go – literally.


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Information is Not Created Equal.

Classify files with a single click. Assign granular, multi-dimensional usage policies to your files based on real-time business needs.

Unprecedented Granularity: Control File Usage Based on User, Action, Time, and Location

Enforce file access and usage with more granularity than ever before.

Destroy Data After Distribution – Mission Impossible Style

Destroy your information with the click of a button – literally. Expire all copies of files when they are no longer needed. Or send files out with built-in expiry dates – so that they ‘self-destruct’ automatically wherever they are.

After all, business relationships don’t last forever, and access to your information shouldn’t either.

Secure Files Based on Access Location

Achieve even tighter security by restricting file access to individual machines. ‘Lock’ files to corporate laptops or specific mobile devices. Restrict file access to a particular IP address or range of addresses.

Manage Shadow IT Better

Granular access rights ensure that files open only on corporate devices and laptops. Enforcing permissions also ensures that you will remain compliant, even for files accessed from personal devices. Result: Unprecedented Enterprise Mobility and the ability to embrace BYOD – while still keeping your data safe and secure.

Embrace Change. Enable Business.

IT Security is often criticized for saying “no” to new, innovative technologies due to very valid security concerns.

By controlling granular access policies at the file-level, you can freely adopt outsourcing, any file sharing service, and mobile devices – without sacrificing your data’s security. That enables IT to say “yes” to new technologies and become a true business enabler.