Secure Outsourcing: Protect Data Consumed by Vendor Applications

Printing, collections, calling, and other outsourcing vendors often upload your confidential data to desktop applications. These may include processing and publishing applications such as print spoolers, printing software such as GMC, and format converting software.

Once that data is on-site with the vendor or partner, anyone can access the information. Seclore FileSecure AppConnect is an application connector that enables secure sharing and consumption of your confidential information by vendor applications.


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Enable Direct Consumption of Protected Data

The vendor application, users, and machines are fingerprinted – which needs to be done only once. The confidential files are then protected with Seclore FileSecure, and the protected files in turn are ‘packaged’ with AppConnect. These packages are then sent to the third-party outsourcer.

Once Seclored, the files can be accessed only by authorized users, on authorized machines, and by fingerprinted applications. The files are inaccessible to any other user-machine-application combination.

Enable Seamless Data Access in Offline Mode

Once the data is packaged and sent to the vendor or partner, the need for online user authentication is eliminated. The package itself contains details of the users, machines, and the application authorized to access the information.

Decrypt Data In-Memory

The protected information needs to be decrypted to enable the application to consume it. This decryption happens completely in-memory; no decrypted data ever touches the disk.

Protect Application Output – and Temporary Files Too

All final output files produced by these applications are also protected with the same access permissions.

As well, a large number of temp files are often generated by these applications while processing your data. AppConnect ensures that temp files are also protected – since they too often contain confidential information. Thus, all holes through which data could be leaked are plugged.

No Integration. No Touching Source Code.

AppConnect fingerprints the application’s executables themselves without needing to change any source code. This works for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software as well as bespoke applications built in-house by the vendor. Fingerprinting and authorizing only the specific executables to access data ensures that your data is completely secure at all times.