Secure File Sharing and Data Stored in the Cloud

While the Cloud and file sharing services bring unprecedented convenience and productivity, they also introduce unique security challenges. Security concerns remain the primary reason why enterprises are reluctant to fully embrace the cloud’s true potential.

With Seclore FileSecure, you can confidently adopt file sharing platforms while still remaining fully compliant and secure. In fact, with Seclore, files stored on the cloud are as secure as files stored in your on-premise data center.


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Keep Things Private – Even in Public

Share data privately and securely using the public Cloud. Ensure that only authorized users are able to access your data. Use file sharing services with no change in experience – since file permissions are imposed only when the file is opened.

Secure Files Wherever they are Stored

Apply granular access policies that secure your files regardless of where they are stored or accessed from. Easily ensure that once a file is secure – it remains that way. Even when it goes on the Cloud.

Adopt the Cloud – and yet Comply with Regulations and Privacy Laws

With your files secure, you can use any Cloud service, Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS), or Virtual Data Room (VDR) system and fully comply with regulatory obligations. Even service providers will not be able to access your files.

Don’t let security and compliance concerns hinder adoption of innovative technologies anymore.

Ease of Implementation

Easily make file security a part of your Cloud, EFSS, and VDR by using Seclore’s pluggable connectors and APIs. Make security transparent to the end user by automating the whole thing.