Secure Product Dossiers Shared with Third Parties

With patent cliffs and rising generic competition, you are likely spending more on inventions and new drug research than ever before. Securing this intellectual property is vital to your long-term growth and business strategy.

However, your organization is also getting ‘flatter’ and borderless: you regularly collaborate with many external parties such as CROs, API manufacturers, laboratories, university scientists, clinical trial companies – the list is endless. This collaboration and outsourcing is accompanied by a heavy exchange of confidential information across the firewall. Since this information is often shared without any security or controls, it is highly vulnerable to leakage.


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Where Your Data is Still at Risk

The following cases highlight a few everyday use cases where your data suffers from serious security risks, despite your current security infrastructure.

Product Dossiers

  • Product dossiers are highly prized documents – not just to you but to your competitors as well
  • These files need to be shared with multiple internal and external parties
  • Misuse of this information can cause direct loss of IP and heavy business losses

R&D Data Sent to Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing units receive research-related guidelines from R&D
  • Documents based on these guidelines are then shared with QA, R&D, Regulatory Affairs, and customers – often across geographic boundaries
  • The need to collaborate leaves your data exposed to leakage at multiple points in the cycle – many of which are outside your firewall and security infrastructure

Customer Drug Formulation and Manufacturing Data

  • API manufacturers receive highly classified information from customers
  • This information is then extensively circulated internally and sometimes sent to third parties
  • Its leakage could lead to breach of contract, heavy fines, and reputational damage

How Seclore’s EDRM Secures Your Information

Seclore’s EDRM empowers you to secure your IP and other confidential assets – and govern their usage at all times. This gives you unprecedented agility to share information effectively and adopt cloud computing, BYOD, file sharing, and other collaboration technologies without worrying about security threats.

Seclore’s EDRM information-centric security offers the following benefits:

  • Permanent protection for product dossiers, manufacturing guidelines, and other confidential data – even outside your network: once a file is protected, it stays that way
  • Information inside the file can be accessed by authorized named users only
  • Access can be fine-tuned (e.g. users can open your documents but not print them)
  • All data access by all users is monitored and reported upon in real time
  • All copies of protected files can be remotely expired from any location at any time – even after they have been shared
  • Any file sharing mechanism – email, USB drives, CDs, file sharing services – can be adopted without compromising security

The Pharmaceutical industry today spends more on R&D than any other sector. Five of the top ten R&D budgets globally belong to Pharma companies. With Seclore’s EDRM, you can successfully ensure the safety and security of your intellectual property – and achieve truly comprehensive data security and governance.