Asset Type: Use Cases and Testimonials

Secloring Stories: Canara Robeco

One of India’s oldest asset management firms providing a range of investment options uses Seclore’s classification-driven protection to protect sensitive documents and comply with SEBI regulations.

Secloring Stories: Shilpa Medicare

A global brand in manufacturing and supplying affordable Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Formulations used Seclore’s Security24 to protect their sensitive data during collaboration and achieve regulatory compliance.

Case Study: Chemours Chemicals

Secloring Stories: Large US Chemical Company

A large US chemical company uses Seclore’s data-centric security platform to protect their intellectual property. Read this whitepaper to learn how Seclore helps organizations protect their IP.

Spice Money

Secloring Stories: Spice Money

Spice Money uses Seclore Rights Management to control misuse and preserve the confidentiality of sensitive data as it gets shared with third parties.

Bharat Forge

Secloring Stories: Bharat Forge

Bharat Forge talks about how Seclore helped them uphold customer confidence with the help of Seclore’s EDRM solution. They also talk about how integrating Seclore with their DLP resulted in multifold benefits.


Secloring Stories: MCAG

MCAG talks about how Seclore Rights Management helped them protect their company data by segregating the users and assigning them different rights on a granular level. He also talks about how Seclore Rights Management has provided them assured security allowing them to focus on innovating their products and moving forward in business.


Secloring Stories: IDFC Bank

IDFC Bank talks about how the Seclore EDRM solution was able to easily integrate with their existing Document Management System (DMS) to provide holistic data-centric security.

Al Masah Capital

Secloring Stories: Al Masah Capital

Al Masah Capital talks about how Seclore helped them identify insider threats and protect their documents through granular usage control, customized watermarks, and so on.

Fireside Chat with Hamed Shahbar - Hosted by Abhijit Tannu

Fireside Chat with Hamed Shahbar – Hosted by Abhijit Tannu

Want to know how the world’s leading sovereign wealth fund manages data security? Be a part of an engaging fireside chat between Hamed Shahbar, VP of Information Security of Public Investment Fund (PIF), and Abhijit Tannu, CTO of Seclore, about leveraging data-centric security for secure collaboration.