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Data Breaches in Middle East updated

[Updated] Data Breaches in the Middle East Region

With the digital transformation and easy access and sharing of data, personal data protection is becoming challenging.
CustomerSpeak Data Security in the Semiconductor Industry 1060 × 688

#CustomerSpeak: Data Security in the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is vital to leaders across sectors of the global economy.
IP Theft in Semiconductor Industry Opt 1

[Infographic] Why Semiconductor Companies Are Prone to Intellectual Property Theft?

The semiconductor industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world.
Need to secure digital assets

[Infographic] Need to Secure Your Digital Assets

Data – seems like a small four-letter word, but it has grown exponentially in value. Studies have shown that, by 2025, humanity’s collective data will
India PDP Bill

Indian Personal Data Protection Law: Need of the Hour!

Now withdrawn by the central government, the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill was an upcoming law aimed at bringing about a complete change to India’s
Semiconductor Blog Thumbnail

Data Security Challenges in the Semiconductor Industry

When it comes to data security, the industry faces some unique challenges due to the sharing of sensitive intellectual property across a sprawling supply chain