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Data Breaches in the African Region

[Infographic] Data Breaches in the African Region

The demand for internet access across Africa has grown exponentially in the past few years because of the pandemic.
Dynamic Watermarking thumbnail

[Feature Update] Control Sensitive Data Leakage with Seclore’s Dynamic Watermarking

Adding a watermark to your digital assets is one of the most popular ways to protect sensitive data. You must collaborate with external vendors and
Thumbnail Top 8 features of email security solution

Top 8 Features of an Effective Email Security Solution

What is at stake if the employees' emails are compromised?
Guided walkthrough

[Feature Update] Speed up Adoption with Guided Walkthroughs

Rolling out new security initiatives is never easy. After going through the painstaking process of evaluating and procuring a product that meets your data-centric security
User Centric Innovation

[Feature Update] Bridging the Security and Usability Gap

The inherent nature of security products is intrusion and friction – they impair specific effortless, usable workflows that end users are most comfortable with.
Cloud security scalable thumbnail image

Seclore for Microsoft 365: Making the Promise of Cloud Security Scalable

Data protection in the cloud has been key to our customers.