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6 Questions Every Seclorite Wants to Answer

Seclore’s flagship event, SecurityNow 2021, just got over. The co-founders – Vishal Gupta, Abhijit Tannu, and Manjul Kubde – answered few of the most frequently asked questions about the company. One of the hidden perks of this event was that we could talk about other aspects of Seclore as an organization.

Here are a few questions about Seclore, including what Seclore means, how we operate, our hiring philosophy, and the type of solutions we develop.

What is the meaning of Seclore?

An interesting question to start with! Seclore has two parts to it: Sec and Lore

Sec means security, and Lore is like knowledge, along the lines of folklore.

What has the impact of COVID-19 been on Seclore as an organization?

As you all know, COVID has driven a lot of companies to work from home. It has also accelerated cloud adoption for a lot of organizations. Both of these factors have brought in a lot of focus around data-centric security. It is helping us accelerate our growth in the last year – we have doubled our growth rate. Today we aren’t dependent on any external infusion of capital or external funding to continue to grow at the current growth rates.


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We already have Microsoft Information Protection for free. Why should I be talking to Seclore for data-centric security?

How much time do we have? We could write a book on this topic. But let’s touch on the high points. When you’re buying security, you need to be talking to a security specialist, which Seclore clearly is. We strongly believe:

Bad Security is worse than having no security at all.

We created the core technology behind Seclore because we found glaring security loopholes in technologies and techniques similar to this. And definitely, including Microsoft, I mean – you don’t even need to be a hacker or some kind of security to be able to break through the fundamental security flaws within MIP. That’s why some of the largest global enterprises and nearly every customer of Seclore has access to Microsoft’s technology as a part of their licensing. They still choose to deploy Seclore over that.

Another reason enterprises choose Seclore over Microsoft, specifically, is that in the case of Microsoft, the technology is highly dependent on people to make the technology work. That’s one of the core differentiators at Seclore, where we have automated the process. Therefore, we developed security exactly how it should be – a user doesn’t really need to use the technology. We use many security technologies without the users knowing about it, such as anti-virus, firewall, intrusion detection, even DLP technology. There is little exposure to the user, and we believe that that’s the right place for security technologies.

Last but not least, in the case of Microsoft, we found that enterprises face the challenge of a lot of overheads:

  • You need to be on the latest OS, the latest cloud application or Microsoft 365, the latest productivity applications, and so on.
  • The enterprise and the extended value chain around also need to upgrade to use the security technology. This is not a feasible idea, especially in this context.

What are the most common use cases for Seclore in banks?

We have some of the largest banks in the world using Seclore technology. Some of the most common areas are primarily:

  • Outsourcing: One of the areas most is explicitly around the whole credit card operations. Many of our banking customers outsource many aspects of credit card operations, including onboarding, collections, chargebacks, and reconciliation. They need to share a lot of data with external third parties to outsource these processes, and they use Seclore to protect data and customer information before it is sent to third parties.
  • PCI-DSS Compliance: This is a factor, especially when the data is going to the cloud. The banking institutions want to ensure minimum PCI and PII data footprint for the data going to the cloud. They use Seclore to protect data so that they don’t have to worry about the data’s journey and the possibility of a breach of regulatory compliance.

There is a lot of information on the Seclore website specifically for the finances and the banking industry. But in general, too, other use cases drive the adoption of Seclore technology.

Talent acquisition at Seclore

The engineering team is an 80-85 member team. To elaborate, we are very choosy when hiring – we hire only top talent. We ensure that only the best candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit join Seclore. That’s what makes us a great team. In fact, we are currently hiring. So, you are free to apply for a job at Seclore by visiting our website at to become a part of this super talented team.

Are you a diversity hiring company?

Yes, the short answer is Yes. We believe in equal opportunity hiring. The company has people from 7 nationalities, every color, every race is represented in our not-so-large company – we are about 200 people in all. But still, a town-hall meeting at Seclore looks like a rainbow of colors. So yes, we are definitely a diversity-hiring company.

Have we interested you enough? Do reach out to us at

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Deepti Dani is the Marketing Content Specialist at Seclore. With 14 years of experience in content development, she loves to experiment with various genres of content to communicate with the readers as effectively as possible. In her free time, she loves read and write her blog.

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