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[Infographic] Why Email Security Is More Important Now More Than Ever

Emails are one of the most popular modes of communication.
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Do Away with Legacy Applications: Reduce Data Breaches and More

The increasing instances of data protection regulations like GDPR, NIST, and NYDFS, have proven how vital data protection has become for everyone, consumers, and companies
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Data Breaches in the Middle East Region

With the digital transformation and easy access and sharing of data, personal data protection is becoming challenging.
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World’s Largest Sovereign Fund talks about Data Security (PIF)

This year, the theme for SecurityNow 2021 was Secure 3rd Party Collaboration… Cloud & Beyond.
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4 Security Myths Surrounding Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)

The security solution from Microsoft comes as a part of large-scale bundled offerings with Microsoft 365.
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6 Questions Every Seclorite Wants to Answer

Seclore’s flagship event, SecurityNow 2021, just got over.