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Five Key Trends Driving Faster Adoption of Data-Centric Security

The New Normal has led to a shift from the office setup to the remote work scenario resulting in more emphasis on data-centric security.
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Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels: Give Meaning to Data Classification

The increasing instances of data protection regulations like GDPR, NIST, and NYDFS, have proven how vital data protection has become for everyone, consumers, and companies
Data Centric Security Coming of Age Enabled with Automation

Data-Centric Security Coming of Age, Enabled with Automation

Data-centric security has progressed exponentially in the last couple of years, replacing manual tasks with automation.
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2-Factor Authentication: Key Feature of Identity Management

One of the core pillars of Data-Centric Security is the User Identity – access to information, granular permissions, and control are all applicable to an
Security Sensitive Data on Mcrosoft 365

Securing Sensitive Data on Microsoft 365

When it comes to protecting your enterprise's most sensitive information, cloud data security is key.
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Step up Your Data Protection in the Cloud with Seclore’s Security24

With privacy regulations in full effect and more organizations using the cloud due to Covid-19, the seismic shift for data-centric security in the cloud has