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Cloud Security Is Not Equal to Cloud Data Security

"Cloud security" and "cloud data security" sound close to each other.
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“Best-of-Breed” – CASB/DLP and Rights Management Come Together

McAfee and Seclore have come together to address the problem of protecting information at the endpoint, email, or cloud.
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Highlights from Fireside Chat with Forrester Analyst, Heidi Shey

If you missed our fireside chat with Heidi Shey, Security and Risk management Analyst at Forrester, on Data-Centric Security and Why It’s a Prerequisite for
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The ‘New Normal’ in Cloud Security: Protecting the Data Itself from Compromise – Guest blogger, Janine Darling, CEO of Stash Global

Traditional methods of securing data are no longer effective as cloud-based infrastructure is forcing stakeholders to seek out innovation and new offerings in data protection.
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Collaborating in Microsoft Teams is the New Meeting Room: Top 5 Reasons to Use Seclore for Security

With over 115 million Microsoft Teams users in the last year, Microsoft 365 adoption has been driven heavily by Microsoft Teams during the pandemic.
understanding data centric security

Understanding Data-Centric Security with Prakash Ranjan, Cybersecurity Expert from Airtel Payments Bank

We have heard now a new slogan which says “DATA is the new Oil”.