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Five Predictions for Enterprise Digital Rights Management in 2016

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This is the first of five blogs that will discuss key predictions related to the use of Enterprise Digital Rights Management in 2016. 

Prediction 1:  The Need for File-Centric Security Is Greater Than Ever Before

If you thought trying to keep sensitive information safe was difficult in 2015, the rapid adoption of Enterprise File Synch and Share (72% increase in use of EFSS in workplace in 2015) means that even more documents are being shared across and outside of the organization in 2016.  That is on top of the already steady flow of sensitive information being sent across and outside of the organization via emails. Add lost laptops and mobile devices (53% of employees use three or more devices for work and 44% use tablets to edit work documents)…and you have a flood of sensitive files that can easily get into the wrong hands.

And that’s just what an organization does, out of the need to collaborate freely and utilize productivity enhancing technology, to make their sensitive information vulnerable.  On the flip side – you have ever growing numbers of cyber-attacks.  These attacks often breach multiple security barriers to hold information hostage.

The only thing that will fully protect sensitive data is file-centric security in the form of Enterprise Digital Rights Management.  You can no longer count on protecting the transportation mechanism, containers, devices, and perimeters.  Information flows across all of these security silos.   Only when you protect the file itself will you effectively control sensitive content wherever it goes.  Even in the case of a ransom-ware attack, the criminal will not be able to access data secured by EDRM.  Even if a mobile devices is lost, or an email is sent to the wrong person, or shared via the Cloud, you will remain in constant control over exactly who can do what with that file, when and from which devices if you are using EDRM.

The shift to file-centric security is what will enable secure use of innovative technologies, keeping the doors open for collaboration, without jeopardizing the security of the company’s intellectual property.


Prediction #2: Automation Will Be Deemed Crucial to the Successful Adoption of EDRM
Prediction #3: Open, Pure-Play EDRM Will Thrive
Prediction #4: Ease-of-Use Will Be Deemed Essential to Driving EDRM Adoption
Prediction #5: EDRM Will Play a Key Role in Protecting Data-at-Rest

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