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Four Questions with the CEO – Episode 3: Four Must-Have’s for Data-Centric Security

Category: EDRM

Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore, shares enlightenment on the Four Must-Have’s for Data-Centric Security.

  • No agents: Must be browser-based for recipients receiving protected files, especially to support external collaboration
  • Automated protection:
    • The DRM solution must have connectors to make it easy to integrate with best-of-breed ECM, eMail, DLP, Classification, File Servers, and Enterprise Applications
    • Essential to automatically protect documents as they are discovered, labeled, downloaded and shared to ensure security gaps are consistently closed
  • Policy and Identity Federation:
    • Policy Federation is essential to making it easy to map and synchronize access policies from other systems (DLP, Classification, ECM e.g.) with the granular usage controls in the DRM system
    • Identity Federation ensures recipients can utilize a wide range of authentication methods for low friction to accessing a protected file
  • Tracking usage of documents:
    • Automatic collection of usage logs is essential to robust and streamlined audit and compliance reporting
Vishal Gupta 2024

Vishal comes with more than a decade of experience in sales, marketing and business management. He is the Founder and CEO of Seclore and handles corporate development, investor relations and strategic vision.
Vishal is an IIT Bombay (Electrical Engineering) graduate and a specialist in biometric security systems. His ideation in fingerprint imaging led to the development of the core technology behind Herald Logic, a company he founded in 2000. The company showed record 220% CAGR, spreading to Singapore, Australia and UK.
Vishal is also an active participant in physics activities with the IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) and NSEP (National Standard Examination in Physics), he is amongst the top 1% in the country in physics.
He is an active sports person, a keen blogger on information security solutions and an intrepid speaker at various information security forum.

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