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Seclore Powers IRM for Citrix ShareFile, Protecting Files Wherever They Travel

Citrix ShareFile, an established leader within the EFSS market place, has just increased their prominence exponentially with the announcement of an integrated Information Rights Management (IRM) platform.

The new Citrix ShareFile IRM offering is powered by Seclore. By integrating with Seclore IRM, the Citrix ShareFile content and collaboration platform has now extended its security paradigm – infinitely.  Unstructured content leaving the secured confines of Citrix ShareFile will continue to stay secured regardless of its location. Basically, files are automatically protected with persistent, granular file-centric security as they are downloaded and shared from Citrix ShareFile, keeping information safe wherever it travels.

The granular IRM usage controls will enable organizations to control exactly who can do what with a file (view, edit, cut/paste, screen capture, etc) when (time-bombing), and from where (IP address/device). Seclore’s unique Policy Federation framework enables organizations to leverage existing access policies already defined in Citrix ShareFile and automatically map those to the Seclore IRM policy engine.  Policy Federation in layman’s terms means that any changes made to roles and policies within Citrix ShareFile, reflect in real-time to content protected by IRM and residing outside of Citrix ShareFile. The beauty of the synchronized policy management is that end users continue to leverage the applications they are accustomed to (Citrix ShareFile) without the need for additional/dual policy administration or IT involvement!

Seclore’s fully published and hardened API Library became the foundation by which the Citrix ShareFile and Seclore integration occurred.  The “proof is in the pudding” as they say, and within twenty-five days of the OEM partnership commencing, the fully integrated Citrix EFSS and Seclore IRM offering was production ready!

Citrix, like many other EFSS, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Virtual Data Room (VDR), and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) providers, are choosing Seclore because if offers the most advanced, secure, and automated IRM offering in the marketplace.

We are looking forward to presenting and demonstrating our joint offering – Information Rights Management for Citrix ShareFile.  See you at the Citrix Synergy event!

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Manjul Kubde is the VP of Engineering at Seclore.

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