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Six Predictions for 2018 Data Security – Prediction #5

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Most companies are finding it very difficult to find qualified security staff. Providers of security solutions will need to ensure their systems are easy to deploy, administer and use.

Prediction 5: Security resources will become even more scarce

Companies are already experiencing a scarcity of available security resources, and it will get worse in 2018, reducing their ability to implement and administer new security solutions. In a recent Forbes article it was reported that ISACA, a non-profit security advocacy group predicts there will be a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals by 2019.

The lack of security resources available on the market will lead organizations to favor security solutions that easily connect to their existing IT and security ecosystem. They will also scrutinize the overhead required to administer a given solution, meaning that simplified user and policy administration will be an important capability in any new security solution investment.

Vishal Gupta 2024

Vishal comes with more than a decade of experience in sales, marketing and business management. He is the Founder and CEO of Seclore and handles corporate development, investor relations and strategic vision.
Vishal is an IIT Bombay (Electrical Engineering) graduate and a specialist in biometric security systems. His ideation in fingerprint imaging led to the development of the core technology behind Herald Logic, a company he founded in 2000. The company showed record 220% CAGR, spreading to Singapore, Australia and UK.
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