Protect Data in
Multi-Cloud & Hybrid
Environments with
One Security Policy

Enterprises are looking for security technologies to secure cloud infrastructure. While cloud infrastructure security technologies like Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provide security in the cloud app itself, they cannot protect the data after it is shared or downloaded from the cloud. The ONLY way to secure data is to embed security, privacy and compliance policies within the data irrespective of whether it is stored in the cloud app or extracted from it.

Seclore and CIO Klub Discussion: How to Secure Your M365 Data in a Lunch Break

Our Product Integrates to Solve Your Cloud Data Security Challenges

Seclore for Microsoft Teams:
Watch how Seclore Rights Management seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams to protect sensitive information for secure collaboration.
Extending Data Security for Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Solutions

Using Seclore for Cloud Data Protection & Security

“Seclore is the only solution that offers holistic data-centric security. It is the only solution that provides data security on the cloud, especially when we are using SharePoint day in and day out.”
“Exostar’s team collaboration platform is built on SharePoint. One of the reasons we chose Seclore is the seamless transition and integration that our customers get. As a SharePoint expert, I really liked that the permissions and policies map directly to the SharePoint groups involved. So, our customers can confidently say that they know their readers, users and contributors are.”

Why choose Seclore for Cloud Data Security?

Seclore adds persistent granular usage controls to sensitive data accesses, downloaded, or emailed from the cloud. Seclore can also protect data uploaded to cloud repositories such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive.

Here’s where Seclore can help: