Seclore Enables Rapid Adoption of Enterprise Digital RightsManagement in New Release

December 10, 2015, Mountain View, CA. – Seclore, the leading provider of Enterprise Digital Rights Management solutions, today announced the availability of a new release that further automates the adoption of file-centric security. The latest release features a new, intuitive UI that automates user onboarding and streamlines policy management. Another key capability is the ability to secure any file type. By further automating the processes associated with the use of file-centric security and extending the breadth of files that can be protected, Seclore is enabling organizations to maximize adoption rates and close security gaps.

Seclore Rights Management protects files wherever they go. Using Seclore, organizations can control and audit exactly who can access a file, what they can do with the file, for how long, and from which device. These usage controls remain with the file and can be remotely modified or revoked by the document owner at any time.   Key features in the latest release include:

Enhanced User Interface: Designed specifically to make it easy to share a protected document with a new user and rapidly change permissions on previously protected files, the new UI is comfortable for novice users while enabling rapid access to advanced capabilities for power users.

Automated Licensing: Dynamically assigns a license to any user needing to protect a file. By eliminating the manual licensing administration process, an organization can maximize adoption and ensure protection of sensitive files.

Any File Protection: The ability to apply granular usage controls to any file, including propriety formats and industry-specific file types (3D CAD, Pro/E, CATIA, design files, multimedia files and more) ensures more of the organization’s sensitive information is secure.

Automated Activity Alerts: Provides real-time information about file usage with automated alerts including unauthorized activity attempts.

“Our primary design objective has been to automate and streamline the file protection process as much as possible,” said Abhijit Tannu, CTO at Seclore. “And automation is key to the successful adoption of Enterprise Digital Rights Management. Our new UI, the ability to protect more file types, and automated licensing is another step forward towards ensuring that organizations can easily protect all of their sensitive information.”

About Seclore
Protecting the world’s sensitive data wherever it goes. Seclore protects and controls digital assets to help enterprises close their data security gap to prevent data theft and achieve compliance. Our data-centric approach to security ensures that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive digital assets, inside and outside of their organization. Enterprises can set automated policies and enable users to control and revoke who has access, what access they have, and for how long. Learn why leading enterprises like American Express, Ford and IDFC Bank choose Seclore to protect and control their digital assets without sacrificing seamless collaboration and data sharing.
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