Seclore extends its rights management system to new formats, new identity stores & new data stores to ease enterprise deployments

Mumbai, 28th May 2009 – New release of Seclore FileSecure includes components developed along with C-DAC to support Open Office natively, supports identity federation using third party federation services as well as custom adapters, provides enhanced roles for ease of administration for large enterprises and also integrates with storage systems and fileservers.Seclore, a high growth company focusing on information rights management and secure outsourcing solutions today announced the availability v2.9 of its flagship rights management product Seclore FileSecure. With this release Seclore has significantly eased large scale enterprise deployments of Seclore FileSecure. Major enhancements in this release include

1. Support for Open Office natively along with 100s of other formats and applications –
Due to a large number of requests for organizations using or moving to Open Office, Seclore FileSecure now supports all Open Office formats (including MS Office formats like doc, xls & ppt) natively in Open Office. This is over and beyond the hundreds of MS Office, PDF, text, image & engineering design formats & applications already supported. A few months ago, Seclore had announced a partnership with CDAC open source technology where the two enterprises had committed to bring security to open source technologies.

2. Identity federation & multi factor authentication –
Enterprises create and manage identities of various stakeholders in multiple heterogeneous systems i.e. MS Active Directory / LDAP for employees, vendor portal for vendors, customer portal / core banking system for customers. Seclore FileSecure enables secure collaboration with all the stakeholders by providing an adapter kit which can use existing multiple identity stores using a single system. Seclore FileSecure can work with third party identity federation services also. With the capability to integrate with existing applications’ authentication system, the new Seclore FileSecure can also support multi-factor authentication.

3. Integration with backup / storage systems and automated protection –
With the new / enhanced automated protection for storage / fileserver systems Seclore FileSecure now provides an unprecedented ease in IT administration and mass / automated protection

4. Allocation and separation of duties –
System administrators can now allocate responsibilities of protection, policy definition to OU (Organization Unit) administrators as well as end users while retaining control. This can significantly lower the overheads of policy administration on system administrators and allow “self service” for distributed teams.

5. Flexible reporting –
Seclore FileSecure now comes with flexible reporting on activities which can significantly lower costs of compliance reporting and ease forensics.

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