Seclore & KLeXserve partner to bring security and rights management to the legal services industry

Partnership of the leading Information Rights Management (IRM) player and the Kochhar Group’s Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and knowledge driven solutions company intends to provide the next-generation, cutting edge technology combination to the legal services industry globally.

India, Mumbai, 16th March 2011 – Seclore, a high growth software product company focused on IRM technology and KLexServe, the leading legal process outsourcing and legal solutions company backed by Kochhar & Co, one of the leading and largest corporate/commercial law firms in the country today announced a strategic partnership.

Under this partnership KLexServe’s key product portfolio consisting of its
(1) Trademark & IP Portfolio Management,
(2) Litigation Case Management and
(3) Contract Life cycle Management systems will now be available with Seclore FileSecure’s rights management capabilities built in.

Documents handled by these systems for each client are extremely sensitive and need to be managed, maintained and processed while maintaining the highest standards of data confidentiality, security, integrity and audit controls. At the same time business users need to have freedom in terms of methods of collaboration. This combination of collaboration and security requirement is fulfilled by Seclore FileSecure, the leading information rights management (IRM) system.

“After evaluating multiple technology and products within the information security space, we chose Seclore FileSecure as the technology to fortify our offerings. The primary reasons for this choice is the integration friendliness of the system and Seclore’s overall dominance of the IRM space” said Manish Vig, Managing Director of KLexServe.“We are proud to partner with Seclore, a market leader in the IRM domain and are confident about the significant value which this unique partnership will bring to our global clients in the legal industry-er” he further added.

Vishal Gupta, CEO of Seclore, on this occasion said “KLexServe’s growing dominance in providing solutions to the legal services industry is well recognized. The combined technology will help generate non linear value for the legal services industry, bringing the power of Seclore’s information security and compliance solutions to KLexServe’s domain focused collaboration solutions”.

About KlexServe
KLexServe is India’s pre-eminent LPO and a pioneer in this field in the Indian subcontinent. KLexServe is backed by Kochhar & Co, one of the leading and largest corporate/commercial law firms in the country. KLexServe is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality of IT & LPO services by leveraging the rich experience and expertise of its highly qualified IT and legal professionals.

With offices in India, USA, Canada, Singapore and Japan. KLexServe is committed to offer clients the first opportunity to take advantage of the significant savings in costs and time already enjoyed by many Fortune 500 firms by outsourcing legal support functions to highly skilled Indian lawyers and professionals. KLexServe also offers its clients highly customized smart software solutions to streamline and automate document management, IP portfolio management, e-discovery and litigation support, contract life-cycle management (“CLM”) and other challenges faced by corporate in-house legal departments and law firms every day. These proprietary solutions serve to dramatically increase efficiencies and reduce costs over time while maintaining the highest standards of quality and confidentiality.

About Seclore
Protecting the world’s sensitive data wherever it goes. Seclore protects and controls digital assets to help enterprises close their data security gap to prevent data theft and achieve compliance. Our data-centric approach to security ensures that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive digital assets, inside and outside of their organization. Enterprises can set automated policies and enable users to control and revoke who has access, what access they have, and for how long. Learn why leading enterprises like American Express, Ford and IDFC Bank choose Seclore to protect and control their digital assets without sacrificing seamless collaboration and data sharing.
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