Identity Federation for Simplified Authentication of Users


One of the key challenges of Rights Management adoption is making user authentication seamless and easy – both for IT to implement and end users to use.

Seclore Rights Management integrates seamlessly with your existing Identity Management infrastructure to streamline user authentication. Identities can be sourced from any Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, or a combination of different IAM systems and SSO servers. Separate authentication mechanisms for internal and external users are also fully supported.

Seclore also supports Identity Federation systems and can be integrated with on-premise or cloud-based Identity Provisioning and SSO solutions.

Built-In Identity Federation Support for Rights Management

Seclore can blend into your Identity Management infrastructure without any additional investment. With built-in Identity Federation support and easy-to-use APIs, you can:

  1. Easily enable existing users to authenticate and seamlessly access protected documents
  2. Keep all your existing user management processes and policies unchanged
  3. Virtually eliminate user on-boarding and off-boarding hassles: all updates to user accounts get instantly reflected in Seclore
  4. Revoke all access to protected content by deactivating the user account in your IAM system
  5. Utilize your existing organizational structure and schemes (groups, OUs)
  6. Accelerate deployment with ready-made pluggable connectors to the most commonly used IAM systems

Seclore Connectors for IAM

Pre-built connectors are already available for:

  • Microsoft Windows Active Directory
  • IBM Tivoli Directory Services (TDS)
  • Sun ONE Directory Server
  • Novell eDirectory

Out-of-the-Box Identity Management

Seclore Rights Management also comes bundled with its own Identity Management system. It functions like any other identity management system and can be used to create and manage identities of individual users. You can create OUs and user groups and use them in the Seclore access permissions definition.

It is highly useful for onboarding third parties such as vendors or partners in the absence of an Identity Management system for external users.

Business users can also automatically register external users themselves from the Seclore Policy Server portal.