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You’ve deployed the strictest security and hardening measures to secure your SAP application data. But what about the security of the same data when it comes out of the ERP application? In most cases, files or reports downloaded from your SAP ERP system are available without any controls and can be freely shared with anyone.

Seclore Rights Management solves the problem by protecting the data as soon as it is downloaded with highly granular, data-centric usage policies. This means that your confidential files and reports from your SAP ERP, and other transaction processing applications remain secure and monitored wherever they go. Now you can share files safely and securely across business units and with third parties.

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Key Features


Documents get automatically protected with persistent, granular usage controls as they are downloaded from SAP ERP.


Policy Federation ensures that permissions inside SAP ERP are extended to downloaded reports.


Any change in the SAP ERP permissions is applied in real time to all downloaded documents – wherever they reside.


Regulatory compliance is simplified with end-to-end file-usage auditing – even for information residing outside the enterprise perimeter.

The Value of Connectors

Seclore - Value of Connectors

By connecting rights management directly with existing systems (DLP, ECM, ERP, EFSS, CASB) , you will dramatically accelerate the on-going protection of sensitive information and rapidly close your security gaps. Imagine turning on your rights management system and on day one, protecting hundreds of documents without employee intervention. That is the power of seamless connectivity.

Customer Spotlight

Aditya Birla: Combing the Power of ERP with Seclore Rights Management

Seclore Rights Management for SAP ERP is enabling Aditya Birla to maximize their ROI from SAP ERP and ensure against data loss with the addition of persistent, data-centric security. By adding Rights Management to their ERP solution, Aditya Birla is extending their security perimeter to wherever their intellectual property travels.



Why Automation is Key to Adoption.

Why Connectivity Matters When it Comes to Rights Management

Connecting Rights Management to existing systems (DLP, EFSS, ECM, ERP) enables organizations to automatically protect files as they are downloaded, discovered, and shared. See why connectivity is a game changer in the video.

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