Case Study

An auto finance company securely shares client PII with external partners with Seclore

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A major auto loan company needed to securely share customers’ confidential financial information with external partners to assess their creditworthiness. The company used Seclore for Microsoft 365 and Cisco IronPort to secure emails and attachments. Now, the company can quickly and efficiently share confidential information with external partners and vendors without risking data breaches.

The Challenge

Securing customer PII during third-party collaboration

As one of the leading auto loan financing companies in the United States, our client regularly needs to send sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) to external partners such as Experian. Those partners use that PII to generate credit histories and credit scores. Our client then assesses that financial information to determine customers’ creditworthiness and risk.
Sharing data with external partners is always a risk—a data breach in their systems could expose customer data, with severe consequences, including fines and losing their customers’ trust.
To ensure regulatory compliance and avoid third-party data breaches, our client needed to ensure that customer information was shared securely and remained secure once it left their network.
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The Solution

Securing external collaboration

The auto loan company leveraged Seclore for Microsoft 365 and Cisco IronPort to automatically secure PII shared on emails with external partners.
The company instituted user-initiated and automated rule-based protection for email messages and attachments, including PDF attachments that contain customer PII. Data owners have the ability to track and revoke email access remotely. In addition, dynamic watermarking prevents unauthorized duplication and acts as an additional layer of deterrence to prevent data leaks.

The Results

A valuable and secure partnership

Thanks to Seclore’s data-centric security platform, the auto loan company can share confidential PII with external partners quickly and securely.

They’ve achieved complete regulatory compliance with different state privacy laws, including the GLBA, CCPA and NYCRR. They no longer worry about fines or losing their customers’ trust.
This has helped them quickly and effectively secure customer information while they evaluate financing options, which helps them avoid losing those customers to competing auto loan providers.

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