Case Study

A video game giant keeps valuable marketing assets under wraps until launch with Seclore

Video Game Company
One of the world’s largest video game companies needed to securely share game marketing assets with employees across the company prior to official release dates. Leaks could cause reputational damage, and even harm sales. The video game company used Seclore secure file sharing, granular access controls, and dynamic watermarking to keep marketing assets secure. Since implementing Seclore, the video game company has not had any internal security breaches.

The Challenge

Preventing video game leaks before official release

For one of the world’s premier video game companies, new title releases are important events with carefully planned marketing campaigns. Players anticipate new releases months and often years in advance—they create theories on what the new game will contain and pick apart trailers, posters, previews, and press releases for clues.
Early game trailer leaks can have severe negative repercussions for the company. They can harm the new game’s marketability, diminish the impact of the official release, and spoil the surprise for players. In the worst-case scenarios, leaks can impact the company’s public perception and even harm sales.
The video game company’s marketing team works diligently to produce trailers that will get the public excited about the new games. In so doing, they send drafts of the trailers and other marketing materials to game designers across the company for review. With so many moving pieces, leaks were difficult to control. And unfortunately, the video game giant experienced a leak of their marquee game before its official release.
To prevent leaks from happening again, the video game company knew they needed to increase internal data protection and control.
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The Solution

Internally sharing video game trailers securely with Seclore

To keep video game trailers and other confidential assets secure while sharing them with stakeholders, the video game company leveraged Seclore’s granular access controls to control precisely who can access files and how they can be manipulated by authorized users, including editing, printing, and screen grabbing.
Seclore also makes it possible to control when and where files are accessed. Seclore’s dynamic watermarking prevents unauthorized leaks by adding personal deterrence—watermarking sensitive information with the user’s full name and email address. Should a Seclore dynamic watermarked asset get leaked, the video game company would easily be able to identify the culprit responsible.
Seclore’s security controls were seamlessly integrated with the videogame company’s workflows and infrastructure, and managing the solution required no additional maintenance overhead.
Once Seclore was fully implemented, company management had a lot more visibility into how employees were accessing and collaborating on their marketing campaigns. That visibility helped them make decisions about adding additional security controls to their IP.

The Results

Zero leaks since Seclore implementation

With these data-centric security solutions in place, the video game company can share their marketing campaigns and trailers with employees across the company without risking leaks or compromising security. Over 100 users can securely share 600+ protected files.
Since implementing Seclore, the video game company has not had new leaks for any of its game launches.
Implementing Seclore has also raised awareness of security issues for both employees and management at the video game company. Today, both company culture and user behavior are more careful and security-focused.

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