Case Study

Global capital equipment manufacturer keeps IP secure in an air-gapped environment with Seclore

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A global semiconductor manufacturer keeps valuable company IP secure in an air-gapped environment with Seclore AppConnect.

The Challenge

Protecting valuable IP in customer fabrication plants

As one of the world’s leading capital equipment manufacturers, our client routinely installs equipment in their partners’ and customers’ fabrication plants. These fabs are often air-gapped, with no network connectivity.
When field engineers service and configure this equipment, they need access to sensitive company intellectual property contained in video procedures, specification sheets, and configuration manuals. But the lack of network connectivity poses a significant security risk. Without this information, the field engineers can’t maintain the equipment.
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The Solution

Air-gapped enterprise IP protection

With Seclore, the equipment manufacturer was able to enforce user and device access controls in a completely air-gapped environment. The Seclore platform enables data locks to a user’s device and profile, so that only authorized field engineers can access the documents they need for equipment servicing, configuration, and repair, without compromising valuable company IP.

The semiconductor manufacturer also used Seclore’s dynamic watermarking as additional deterrent, to ensure that the proprietary content was secure and traceable even if it was shared without proper authorization.

The Results

Security achieved in an air-gapped environment

Seclore’s solution provided the equipment manufacturer with an efficient solution to secure thousands of documents of intellectual property and secure their service contracts in air-gapped fabs, without impeding access for field engineers. This sensitive data was accessible to engineers as they visited customer fabs in its native formats, and available to be used for system installs, upgrades, and maintenance.

Since implementing Seclore, the company’s proprietary data has remained secure, with zero unauthorized leaks, and 6% of total activities have been considered high risk and blocked. Additionally, the solution has allowed the company to provide access to necessary documents to third-party vendors and partners, further streamlining business operations without compromising security.

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