Case Study

How a Capital Equipment Manufacturer Keeps Over 100,000 Design Documents Secure with Seclore

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A capital equipment manufacturer needed to keep sensitive design documents secure without hindering internal and external collaboration. The company leveraged Seclore’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management solution to build a custom SharePoint document library with granular access controls and dynamic watermarking. Now over 100,000 documents containing sensitive data are secure, no matter where they reside or travel.

The Challenge

Protecting valuable company IP from theft or damage

A wafer fabrication equipment manufacturer needed to prevent intellectual property (IP) leaks and secure important 3D Spi design documents and manufacturing SOPs without hindering collaboration.
The equipment manufacturer used a cloud-based collaboration portal to share sensitive documents. Both employees and external partners used this portal to access these documents. The company needed to ensure that documents remained secure and confidential, even after being downloaded from the portal.
Finally, the organization had one last challenge to take into account: Their IP was stored in documents of various file types, such as PDFs and CADs. It was spread across their on-prem servers and cloud storage. The company needed a solution that would protect the data regardless of file type and location, without affecting the user experience.
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The Solution

Enterprise Digital Rights Management

Seclore’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management allows the company to protect sensitive IP regardless of file type and location.
To ensure secure collaboration, Seclore helped build a customized on-premise Microsoft SharePoint with a Seclore-enabled SharePoint Document Library. Now, the company’s R&D and Design teams can upload documents to the collaboration portal, and files are auto-protected when internal teams and external collaborators access or download them.

Seclore’s platform offers several features to prevent intellectual property leaks:

  • Dynamic watermarking upon download that adds the user’s full name and email address to the document, making it easy to trace the source of a leak and adding additional deterrence
  • Granular access controls to control who can access files and how they can be manipulated, including editing and printing

The Results

Secure internal and external collaboration

With Seclore, the equipment manufacturer can securely promote internal and external collaboration with employees, vendors, and partners.
To date, Seclore has helped secure over 100,000 sensitive documents for more than 2,500 monthly active users. Four percent of total activities have been considered high-risk and blocked.
The solution also requires minimal IT oversight and automatically keeps IP secure throughout its lifecycle, no matter where it travels.

Protect Your Intellectual Property Wherever it Travels or Resides