Case Study

An innovative semiconductor manufacturer securely shares valuable IP with partners thanks to Seclore

Eugenus Case Study
An innovative semiconductor manufacturing company needed to keep valuable IP secure while sharing information with outside partners. With Seclore for Microsoft 365, the company created a secure SharePoint folder for engineers to upload sensitive documents. External vendors can access necessary data without compromising security. Over 5,000 documents have been protected, and 8% of total activities considered high risk have been blocked.

The Challenge

Securely sharing valuable IP with third-party collaborators

As a leading innovator in the semiconductor industry, our client relies on vendors to supply the materials and components needed to develop new technologies and improve existing ones.
To do that, our client needed to share valuable intellectual property (IP) with their partners and vendors, including technical specifications, test data, and design documents.
Collaborating with outside partners is critical to the company’s success. It enables them to develop and produce high-quality equipment and stay competitive in the market. But this collaboration also carries risks—a data breach in a partner’s systems could endanger the manufacturer’s IP. Leaks to competitors could impact market share and ultimately cause the company to lose revenue.
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The Solution

Automated IP Protection on Microsoft SharePoint Online

With Seclore Rights Management for Microsoft 365, the semiconductor manufacturer can automatically protect IP during external collaboration.
Seclore seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, including SharePoint. The company’s engineers and R&D team add sensitive documents to a Seclore-protected Sharepoint folder, which authorized external collaborators can access.
Emails and attachments containing sensitive information are automatically protected without requiring additional user intervention.

The Results

Secure collaboration with external vendors and partners

With Seclore for Microsoft 365 and email auto-protector, the semiconductor manufacturer can securely collaborate with external partners without risking valuable intellectual property.
Since implementing Seclore, Over 5000 documents have been protected, and 8% of total activities have been considered high-risk and blocked.
Seclore’s automated solution requires minimal IT, admin, or end-user oversight, which saves the manufacturing company time and resources that can be allocated to other projects.
The manufacturing company also received ISO 27001 certification recently. Seclore’s data-centric security platform was instrumental in helping them pass that audit.

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