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Seclore Data Security Solutions

Seclore Data Classification

Seclore Data Classification empowers the organization’s users to apply relevant visual and metadata labels to documents, emails, and attachments, to better identify what information is sensitive and requires protection.

Demo – Classify, Protect and Track

Easily Classify and Protect Your Sensitive Data

As your users create, modify or email documents, they can select a classification label from a user-friendly menu that will automatically apply the appropriate usage controls based on the classification.

Seclore Data Classification

The Power of Two: Classification + Rights Management

Through seamless integration of Seclore Data Classification with Seclore Rights Management, we are making it easy for organizations who require greater document security and tracking to add persistent usage control policies to documents and emails based on classification labels.

Seclore Data Classification2

One-Click Classification, Protection and Tracking

See how you can make your CISO, IT team and end-users all happy with one-click classification, protection, and tracking. Once your user clicks on the classification label, Seclore Data Classification will do the rest.

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Demo: Classifying Your Documents
See how easy it is for your users to classify, protect, and track sensitive documents.


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