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Identify the Data you Need to Protect

Seclore Data Classification

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Seclore Data Classification

Seclore Data Classification empowers the organization’s users to apply relevant visual and metadata labels to documents to better identify what information is sensitive and requires protection.

Easily Classify Your Sensitive Information

As documents are created or shared, the sender can easily select the appropriate classification from a user-friendly menu using Seclore Data Classification

The Power of Two: Classification + Rights Management

Through seamless integration of Seclore Data Classification with Seclore Rights Management, we are making it easy for organizations who require greater document security and tracking to add persistent usage control policies to documents based on classification labels.

The Power of Two: Seclore Data Classification + Seclore Rights

Management Work Together to Streamline your Data-Centric Security Processes


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Announcing Seclore Data Classification
Now organizations can seamlessly integrate Data Classification with Rights Management using best-of-breed technologies.


Three-Minute Introduction to Rights Management Video
Three-Minute Introduction to Rights Management Video


2018 CIO/CISO Virtual Event: Avoiding a GDPR Melt-Down
Boldon James and ForcePoint join Seclore for an interactive discussion on best practices to build a stronger Data-Centric Security framework.