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You Need a Rights Management Solution &
It Needs to Be a High Priority (FPO)

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Most Advanced

Seclore has the most advanced (anyness factor + other ease of use factors)

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Most Secured

Seclore has the most secured (robust usage controls + no change to file extension)

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Most Connected

Seclore has the most automated (connectors and policy federation automate file protection – faster closured of security gaps and superior on-going adoption).

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Most Experienced

Seclore has the most expertise (we are the only vendor focused on ERM… and are two generations ahead of other vendors, impressive customer base)

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Solutions for Your Industry

Tejon Ranch, a diversified real-estate development and agribusiness company, is using Seclore’s rights management solution in conjunction with their IBM ECM and Box to automatically protect a wide range of files as they are downloaded and shared.
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Seclore in the News

IT Professionals Hold Little Back in Reaction to Yahoo Breach
December 16, 2016
We know encrypting data mitigates sensitive information exposure when the inevitable data breach occurs. Yahoo was encrypting some, but not all of this data.
Yahoo hacked; More than 1 billion user accounts impacted
December 15, 2016
Yahoo says this breach is separate from the one that took place in September 2014.
Kremlin Hackers Are Exploiting Microsoft’s Unpatched Zero-Day
November 2, 2016
Microsoft has identified the Russian APT group known as Fancy Bear as using a Windows zero-day to attack unnamed organizations. Some say it’s an attempt to manipulate the outcome of next week’s US election by targeting political organizations.