New Release of Seclore FileSecure Offers Significant Advances in Mobile and Agentless Capabilities for Secure Collaboration

Agentless capabilities and enhanced mobile device support make Information Rights Management technology readily available to users.

Palo Alto, CA – June 25, 2014 – Seclore, the leading provider of Information Rights Management (IRM) systems, today announced a new release of its award-winning Seclore FileSecure solution, which makes it easier for organizations to leverage the power of persistent, information-centric security.

The new capabilities, focused on making it easy for internal and external recipients to access secured documents and collaborate across desktops and mobile devices, include:

  • Lightweight Android client: FileSecure Lite for Android now enables use of FileSecure Lite as the default document viewer on Android phones. Users no longer need to remember which viewer to use for protected and unprotected files, improving the ease of use in accessing protected files and documents.
  • Enhanced Lightweight iOS client: The enhanced FileSecure Lite for iOS enables native access to secured documents on iPhones and iPads.
  • Lightweight Windows client: FileSecure Lite for Windows is a lightweight Windows app which does not require administrative privileges to install.  The new capability makes access to secured documents easy and eliminates enterprise IT from the burden of en-masse agent roll-outs for internal or external users.
  • Agentless viewers: The enhanced Agentless access system provides a single-click access to protected documents without the need to download or install any agent within any operating system or any browser.
  • Simplified authentication: Improvements in the user experience enable faster access to protected documents and usage control features.

Seclore FileSecure offers the greatest breadth and depth of Information Rights Management (IRM), enabling organizations to automatically enforce and audit granular usage controls including who can utilize the file, what they can do with the file (view, edit, copy, screen capture, re-distribute), when, and from where.The usage controls keep the information encrypted and protected wherever it travels, and can be remotely modified or revoked by the document owner at any time.  Supporting over 140 different types of files that can be protected and securely utilized via a wide range of desktop and mobile devices, Seclore is the easiest IRM system to implement and utilize.

“The central theme of this release is to make Information Rights Management technology easily available to users without burdening the IT organization within or outside of the organization,” said Abhijit Tannu, Chief Technology Officer at Seclore.  “By adding further improvements to our game-changing agentless technology and eliminating the need to download software, any recipient can readily utilize the protected documents.  This ease of use is key to increasing an organization’s ability to adopt IRM for secure collaboration, file-sharing, outsourcing and use of mobile devices.”

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About Seclore
Seclore offers an innovative Information Rights Management solution, Seclore FileSecure, which enables organizations to control the usage of information wherever it goes, both within and outside of the organization’s boundaries.  The ability to remotely enforce and audit who can view, edit, copy, and re-distribute files empowers organizations to embrace mobility, cloud and external collaboration with confidence. Easy to deploy and use, Seclore extends the security of DLP, ECM, ERP and Mail/Messaging solutions to information that moves beyond the perimeter. Seclore was recently recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” and by Deloitte as one of the “50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies” due to innovations in agentless receipt of protected documents.  With nearly 4 million users across 350 companies in 22 countries, Seclore is helping organizations achieve their security, privacy and compliance objectives.

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