Seclore is OEM-Ready.

We have the pre-built tools, proven expertise and dedicated integration teams to ensure your project is successful.

Toolkit for Streamlined Integration

Web-Service APIs & Client-Side SDKs

Seclore exposes the complete set of APIs as RESTful Web Services so that they can be called from any platform or device. All service calls are secured via built-in web service authentication controls. Client-side SDKs provide language-specific bindings and helper libraries to accelerate development. The SDK is available in Java and .NET.

User Authentication Services

Seclore provides ready-made interfaces for integrating with any other system for authentication. This can be most useful when you wish to use an existing system (e.g. ERP, ECM, VDR) for end-user authentication.

Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

Enhance existing Secure Email offerings by simply redirecting to Seclore’s MTA. Automate protection through configuration, leveraging the X-Header or other meta-data properties.

Real-Time Policy Enforcement

When the end user opens the file, Seclore queries the enterprise system in real time to obtain the latest access permissions for that file.

Browser-Based Security

Seclore can be integrated with solutions as a secure, online web-based interface. Files in the solution automatically open in the browser – without installing software.


Integration Model

See how seamlessly Seclore integrates with various third-party applications and security solutions.


Seclore’s architecture is optimized for interoperability.

Technology Agnostic: Support for all OSs, Files, Devices

Seclore supports more than 60 file types, from MS Office and PDFs, to CAD/CAM, audio and image files and all major operating systems.

SDK Preview

Our SDK preview provides you with an overview of our architecture, APIs, use cases and more. We’ll be happy to send it to you.

Seclore enables you to build-in data-centric security within your solution – in 3 quick steps.