Seclore is OEM-Ready.

We have the pre-built tools, proven expertise and dedicated integration teams to ensure your project is successful.

Toolkit for Streamlined Integration


Leading-Edge Technology

Seclore offers the most advanced, most connected, and most secure rights management solution on the market. Our singular focus on driving rights management innovation enables organizations to protect 60% more files than other solutions.


A Committed

Our partner program is small by design, because we are selective about recruiting and going to market with partners with whom there is a strong, two-way fit. That’s why our partner team is able to stay focused, working hand-in-hand with partners to achieve our mutual goals.


Profitable, Recurring Revenue Stream

With Seclore’s attractive commissions, partners gain profitable, recurring revenue while helping customers solve a critical security vulnerability.


Adjacent Upsell Opportunities

If you’re a reseller already selling Classification, DLP or Enterprise applications such as Citrix ShareFile, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP or IBM FileNet, you leverage your team’s pre-existing expertise and relationships — with a reduced sales cycle and cost-of sale.


Partner Program with Built-in Growth Path

Seclore’s program, tools and assets are easy to access, easy to use, and give you a straightforward path to grow your business with Seclore.


Integration Model
See how seamlessly Seclore integrates with various third-party applications and security solutions.
Seclore’s architecture is optimized for interoperability.
Technology Agnostic: Support for all OSs, Files, Devices
Seclore supports more than 60 file types, from MS Office and PDFs, to CAD/CAM, audio and image files and all major operating systems.
SDK Preview
Our SDK preview provides you with an overview of our architecture, APIs, use cases and more. We’ll be happy to send it to you.

Seclore enables you to build-in data-centric security within your solution – in 3 quick steps.