Rapidly Embed Data-Centric Security Within Your Solution

OEM Partners Success Stories

OEM Partners Success Stories


We Help OEM Partners Solve Critical Security Gaps.

Lack of Control once the file exits your data repository (ECM, CCP, VDR, CRM, ERP)

DLP and CASB detect but do not protect information that needs to be shared

Email Encryption doesn’t control or report on file usage once it reaches the recipient


Encryption in-use. Address external collaboration requirements by applying data-centric policies based upon discovery of sensitive information. Eliminate approval workflows, false positives, as well as expedite DLP deployments by gaining insight into content usage via Seclore’s data-centric audit trail information.

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Hosted Email

Automated Security. Utilizing configurable business rules, automate data-centric protection based upon meta-data such as: To, From, Subject, Domain, X-Header. Leverage Seclore’s Email Auto-Protector (MTA) to enable Rights Management without any Engineering effort.

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Secure Email

Encryption is not enough. Extend your Secure Email capabilities to include granular usage controls encryption in use, all while the content is open. Leverage Seclore’s audit trail to provide insights into Information which has left the enterprise, and ensure your organization stays compliant (GDPR, NIST, ITAR, EAR, etc.).

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On-Prem Apps

Stop data leakage and promote external collaboration. Users downloading customer lists (CRM) prior to resigning from the organization will no longer have access to the information once their user identity has been revoked. Users downloading financials (ERP) can confidently share this information securely with external business partners. Confidential information downloaded from a repository (ECM, DMS, CCP, VDR, EHR) can stay protected outside of the application.

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Cloud Apps

Drive Cloud Adoption. Deploy Cloud Applications with confidence knowing that information is secure both within and outside of the Application. Time-sensitive M&A financials can be downloaded (CCP, DMS, ECM, ERP, VDR) and granular and limited-duration access rights assigned to external parties.

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Become the data-centric security broker. Protect content upon upload to an unsanctioned application, or upon download from a sanctioned application. Seclore’s Policy Federation Framework enables the CASB to become the Policy of Truth. Rights Management remains transparent and simply becomes the enforcer at the end point.

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