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Data is the New Edge

For decades, the security industry has focused on a perimeter-based approach to control the furthest-reaching parts of the enterprise –– the “perimeter.” Yet, forces like remote work, cloud adoption, and the reliance on third party partners have made it so that the modern enterprise can no longer be contained within four walls. Your data itself is now the furthest reaching part of our enterprise.
Your data is your new edge.
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Know, Protect, and Control Your Digital Assets

The Seclore platform enables you to know, protect and control your digital assets in and outside of your enterprise with:
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Experience Secure & Frictionless Collaboration

Integrations with Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is a fundamental part of your business. Protect sensitive information, like customer data and intellectual property, from falling into the wrong hands without slowing down the speed of business.

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Super Charge your Defenses

Integrations with Security Providers
Take your security to the next level. Integrate Seclore with the other tools in your security toolkit for seamless defense.
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