Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) Solutions

Know, protect, and control your sensitive digital assets with persistent, granular usage controls

Digital Rights Management Solutions

Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) refers to the systems and processes that govern the access and usage of sensitive digital assets in the enterprise. Sometimes called information rights management (IRM), it’s a distinct form of digital rights management (DRM) designed to fulfill the needs of businesses.

What is Digital Rights Management?

Digital rights management is the umbrella term for the technologies that control access to information products. The classic approach to DRM is consumer-centric and meant to protect movies, music, software, and other digital products from unauthorized copying or region-locking these media. One example is the system of DVD region codes developed in 1997 to control the international distribution of movies.
Digital rights management tools are acceptable for consumer use cases, despite the many workarounds that exist. Bypassing a region-lock on a DVD or video game won’t cause too much of a headache to businesses. However, these technologies aren’t designed to protect the critical data and intellectual property that enables organizations to operate and retain a competitive edge in the market. This sensitive data need to be shared, but also secured as tightly as possible to prevent a data leak of digital content or exposure that could cause harm to the business.
As businesses collaborate with external partners and leverage cloud computing services and mobile devices, monitoring and safeguarding your sensitive digital assets is crucial. These assets risk being compromised when transferred out of your organization. Enterprise digital rights management solutions defend against this risk, ensuring that only authorized users can access the files services.
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FAQ About Enterprise Digital Rights Management

The key features of a strong enterprise digital rights management solution are:
The key features of a strong enterprise digital rights management solution are:

Product Capabilities

Seclore’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management solution adopts a data-centric approach to EDRM, ensuring that you can know, protect, and control the security of sensitive data no matter where it goes within the enterprise or outside the perimeter.
With Seclore you:
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Gain Visibility of Your Sensitive Data

Extend Governance, Risk, and Compliance Beyond the Perimeter

Gain real-time visibility into sensitive data, such as who attempted to access the information and what they did with the file, with the help of alerts.

Know Data Usage

Get detailed reports on the usage and access of sensitive data. Uncover forensic details such as IP address, machine name, location, date and time, etc.

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Enforce Granular Usage Controls over Sensitive Data

Protect Documents Both Automatically and Manually

Automatic and manual processes all for scalable usage policies or roles as well as one-off manual protection.

Extend Security to File Sharing Systems

Map access policies already defined in existing data management systems (DLP, CASB, ECM, and EFSS) to EDRM for automatic protection when downloading, discovering, and sharing documents.

Secure Sensitive Data Regardless of Device and Location

No matter where a file exists, whether on a corporate laptop or a USB drive left on an airplane, only authorized and authenticated users can access Seclore-protected files. Device agnostic security makes cloud adoption, BYOD, and external collaboration easy and secure.

KPC circle Control

Define and Attach Granular Data-Centric Usage Controls

Control Access to Sensitive Data

Control who can access the file, from which device or IP address, and for how long.

Define Actions on Sensitive Data

Define what the recipient can do with the sensitive data, such as view, edit, take screen captures, etc.

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Seclore's Granular Usage Controls

Seclore’s Enterprise Rights Management solution enables granular control of access rights for individual files. Your critical information is protected no matter where it is or who access it.
Evaluation Checklist for Enterprise Digital Rights Management
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Automating EDRM to Close Security Gaps in External Collaboration

Read this whitepaper to learn how automating EDRM can help you quickly address collaboration security gaps and ensure successful EDRM deployment.
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