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Modern employees are always on. The trend toward flexible work and remote work had been growing for the past several years, only to be catapulted to near-universal adoption by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, it’s very common for employees to respond to work-related emails and messages on their mobile devices while on the move or after standard working hours. While enterprises and employees both benefit from this added flexibility, enterprises need to consider what protections and controls need to be in place to securely enable mobile work.

Some enterprises have opted to provide their employees with managed devices to keep a unified policy across all enterprise devices. Others have opted for more flexibility, allowing employees to use enterprise applications on their personal devices. Whichever path your enterprise chooses to take, one thing is clear – employees are using their phones to do work and enterprises should do what they can to support this without blocking productivity. Keep reading to learn how Seclore can help your enterprise secure sensitive digital assets while enabling employees to work from anywhere.

Seclore for Mobile

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Seclore automatically embeds access and usage controls into Seclore-protected emails and documents. This applies to sensitive digital assets opened on mobile as well. When an authorized user opens a protected email on a mobile device or MDM application, they can view, edit, and save the protected document and reply-back securely in email.
Download the datasheet for a more in-depth look at how Seclore enables frictionless data protection, accessible from anywhere.

How it Works

Accessing Seclore-protected documents on mobile is a streamlined process. Click on the email or email attachment from your mobile device and open it with the Seclore app to access your sensitive digital asset from anywhere without the fear of compromise.
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