Seclore Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In this age of hyper-mobility, accessing data on mobile devices is one of the most common use cases of mobility. However, when organizations consider the security of their sensitive data, it can no longer be limited to desktops. Mobile devices have proven to be an equally vulnerable source of data leaks. In 2019, a leading malware detection platform detected more than 3 million malicious installation packages on mobile devices.

Collaborate on Mobile Devices Safely

Seclore ensures that access and usage controls are automatically attached to sensitive emails and documents when sent. When an authorized user opens a protected email on a mobile device or MDM application, they can view, edit, and save the protected document and reply-back securely in email. Seclore’s security is seamless and allows users to collaborate on the go while not compromising security.
Seclore supports all kinds of mobile platforms. However, the following out-of-the-box solutions include:
Seclore Lite for Mobiles2

Securely Access Protected Emails and Attachments on Mobile Devices

Accessing protected emails and attachments on mobile devices is easy on any mobile platform. Seclore’s application opens the attachment so you can view, edit, and save the document regardless of the file format.
seclore for mobile devices diagram

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