Extend the Security of Collaboration and Storage Systems with Rights Management

Secure Document Storage and Collaboration Shared Beyond the Platform

File Servers and Enterprise Content Management systems ensure security and access control when documents are within the platform. However, as soon documents are downloaded, exported, or moved, from the system, the security is lost.

With Seclore’s integration with storage and collaboration systems, documents are automatically protected with security controls when placed in the network folder location or when downloaded or exported from the system and remain protected and trackable wherever they travel. No user intervention is required. Automatically attaching the security to downloaded documents ensures the governance of security policies is consistent across the organization. The Seclore Policy Federation capability, allows security permissions can be modified in the collaboration system and reflected in real-time on documents, regardless of where they reside. And the ability to track and audit who accessed the document and activities performed provides visibility on all authorized and unauthorized attempts on the document.

Pre-Built connectors make it easy for you to leverage your preferred Document Storage & Collaboration solution in combination with Seclore Rights Management

Seclore also works with any Document Storage or Collaboration solution. Leverage Seclore SDKs to easily build integrations.

Document Storage and Collaboration + Rights Management

Business Benefits

Automatic protection – no user decision on security required

Tracking authorized usage and unauthorized attempts wherever the file goes

Enable uninterrupted internal and external collaboration

Consistency in security policy enforcement

Reduced administrative overhead for policy management

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Seclore for Microsoft SharePoint
Text: Seclore Rights Management can help you extend the security of Microsoft SharePoint upon download and beyond your organization’s perimeter.
Seclore for IBM ECM
Seclore for IBM ECM attaches access and usage controls so your files remain secure when they leave the system.
Seclore Hot Folder
Seclore Hot Folder ensures that all files saved in a protected folder are automatically protected with security controls without the user having to do anything.