Seclore Vs. Microsoft Information Protection

Choose Seclore for Robust Security, Simple UX, and Minimal Administration

Only Seclore provides a complete enterprise-grade data-centric security solution that is easy to use. Minimal administration allows for large-scale deployment with immediate return on investment.


Microsoft Information Protection might be enough for some organization with basic data security needs. But when you need enterprise-grade security, especially for collaboration with third parties, Seclore is the perfect choice. Plus, Seclore makes it easy to adopt with minimal admin support.

How Seclore is superior?


With MIP, documents are not secure when uploaded to cloud apps, and there are easy ways to bypass the security, which provides a false sense of security.

Seclore provides robust and persistent data protection with adaptive security controls at the endpoint, network, cloud, and beyond.

“We found Seclore to be the most secure and unbreakable tool to ensure privacy of our data as we share it with governments and regulators all over the world. “

“Seclore’s depth of technology and expertise, helped us address our customers’ concerns when they share their most sensitive Intellectual Property with us.“


MIP users face multiple plugin requirements, clunky experience on mobile devices, limited tracking, and revocation.

Seclore delivers a frictionless user experience no matter where your third parties or employees access files and emails across devices and applications.


MIP’s security label driven approach increases admin dependency and creates workflow bottleneck.

Seclore’s real-time policy creation and federation reduces admin overheads and support needs.

“The Seclore platform works seamlessly with our existing data sharing and access control tools, giving us even more value from our existing IT investments.“

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