Protect Sensitive Information with Best-in-Class Data Security Solutions

Data-Centric Security means embedding the security controls within the data itself. As a result, data becomes independent of the security of the infrastructure (device, network, application, etc.) whether it is stored, shared, or at work.

Seclore’s Data-Centric Security Platform allows you to unify the best-of-breed data-centric security solutions for complete protection and tracking of sensitive information – without additional deployment overheads. Enhance your security framework by integrating data-centric security into your existing EFSS, email, ECM, and SIEM systems.

Power of Seclore Data Security Platform

We’re Better Together

Seamlessly unite best-in-class DLP, Data Classification, Rights Management and SIEM systems into an automated process for superior information security without added integration costs.

You Need a Conductor to Make Beautiful Music

The Seclore Unified Policy Manager enables you to orchestrate identity management, policy management, connectivity, encryption, and the collection of document usage insights.

Use What you Have

Leverage your existing Enterprise Systems into the Data-Centric Process to further automate the protection of documents as they are shared and downloaded.

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How to Strengthen Your Data Security Infrastructure

Most enterprises today are going through a digital transformation. Any significant digital transformation project includes collaboration with external agencies, employee self-services, cloud adoption, BYOD, etc. The most significant challenge that all enterprises face today is securing the data at the source. Organizations are, however, still adhering to perimeter security by securing “known” devices, networks, and applications. So, what’s the solution? Data-centric security.

Watch this video to gain insights on:

  • Extending the value and addressing limitations of individual Data-Centric Security technologies
  • Recommended approaches for deploying a best-of-breed Data-Centric Security infrastructure
  • Leveraging your existing investments to automate and streamline the discovery, classification, protection and tracking process

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