Seclore Email Security & Encryption Software

Protect the sensitive data in emails and share confidently with email encryption software or solution.

Seclore Email Encryption Plus protects sensitive data in emails throughout their lifecycle with granular, persistent usage data security controls – without any user intervention.

Seclore Email Encryption Plus

Use Seclore Email Encryption Plus as an enterprise email encryption software for advanced email security. It can integrate with and leverage existing Data Loss Prevention, Classification, and Enterprise Applications to automatically apply granular usage controls to protect emails and attachments in transit, rest, and even while in use.

Check out Seclore Email Encryption Plus, an end-to-end automatic email encryption solution in the market.

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Seclore Email Encryption Plus Brochure
Emails are the most common sources of data breaches and often the most embarrassing. Learn how you can automatically add, granular usage controls to your emails and attachments, as well as how to integrate DLP, Classification and Enterprise Applications with Seclore Email Encryption Plus to maximize security.
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